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Meet the Olympians

ATHENA is the Goddess of Wisdom.

   Long ago she was also the Goddess of war and weaving, but these are obsolete on Arcadia. Now this Olympian is the guardian of the knowledge of the ages.  Her personal archive contains one copy of every book ever written on Arcadia and most of the greatest works of ancient Earth.   Athena cannot bring herself to destroy the writings of men, even when they contradict the teachings of the Olympians.  So to keep dangerous knowledge from the general population, the most sensitive books are written in the dead language of Latin - which only a handful of the scholarly elite of New Athens can read.

   The capital of the Athena sect is New Athens.  It boasts massive modern skyscrapers and well tended ornamental gardens.  The Academy educates the elite of Arcadia and affirms the ancient Earth saying: Knowledge is power.



HERA is the mother of the Amazons.

   She provides her sect of female warriors with strength and independence, but the price is high.  Every Amazon makes an Oath to Hera to forsake the male of the species and remain true to her Amazon sisters until the day she dies. To break this vow is to face the wrath of Hera and the entire Amazon nation.  Of course men are allowed in Amazonia once a year to participate in the Great Hunt in order to help the Amazons with their reproductive needs. 

   The capital city of the Hera sect is Amazonia - a forest filled with ancient trees and a labyrinth of shrubs and flowers in every color of the rainbow.  The simple stone and wooden buildings are simply one part of the beautiful mosaic of nature.   



DEMETER is the Goddess of the Harvest, just as she once was on ancient Earth.

   On Arcadia, however, she has a monopoly on the food supply for the entire planet.  Her daughters are gifted with the ability to enhance the growth of crops, while the sons of the earth reap the fruits of the harvest.

   The villages with their stone circles are scattered through the plain of Demeter - each a cog in the great wheel of the harvest. On the first full moon of each month her followers celebrate life and promote fertility around the Bonfire of Demeter.



ARES is the God of War.

   Blamed by the other Olympians for mankind getting away from the Gods long ago on Earth, he has been imprisoned to keep his troublesome influence from disrupting the new utopia. 

   Fortunately  for Ares, nothing is perfect.  Once every hundred years the Son of Ares is born to upset the delicate of the world and bring chaos to Arcadia.



HERMES is the God of travelers and thieves. 

   His followers are the Gypsies of Arcadia until the Son of Ares convinces them to steal from their neighbors and build a fortress city called Metropolis.

   Hermes himself is a care free playboy who spends his days and nights enjoying life, thus earning his reputation for seducing the women of Arcadia.



HESTIA is the mother of the Olympians.

   According to tradition – she created Zeus, Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, and the twins Apollo and Artemis and gave them the gift of immortality.  To her very first child, Zeus, she also gave the ability to create life (just as she was able to).   Zeus then created Hephaestus, Poseidon and Hermes, but when he brought Ares into the world, Mother Hestia took away his power of creation leading to the millennial long conflict among the Olympians that is said to have cause the downfall of ancient Earth.

   Hestia does not have a capital or a sect of followers on Arcadia, but instead dwells alone within Mt. Olympus.



Images by Howard David Johnson